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“Pozharnaya Avtomatika” occupies leading position among the top Russian manufacturers and has more than 10 years of experience in design, installation and maintenance engineering of fire extinguishing systems. Wide experience of our designers allows developing design documentation for any kind of facilities and buildings. Our company offers the unique combination of managerial and technical expertise essential to complete any new or retrofit fire extinguishing design project.

Moreover the company has its own technological and mechanical assembly production of equipment for fire extinguishing systems, which suits to all needed approvals in Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan. Also we supply equipment for different types of fire extinguishing systems, fire alarms and emergency alert systems and have our own gas filling station for modules with various gas extinguishing agents.

We have successfully completed projects in industrial, electricity generation, manufacturing and oil refinery sectors, office and commercial sectors, data centers, etc. Whatever the project, high risk industries or special hazards, our company has the solutions and the fire protection systems to suit all requirements. Furthermore we have created hydraulic flow calculation software for gas extinguishing systems.

The company is the exclusive partner of Siemens in promoting Sinorix™1230, Sinorix H2O Gas and Sinorix™Compact systems. Also among our international partners are: Rotarex (FireDETEC), Proline Protection Systems LTD (Linear Heat Detector Proline "TH"), Eusebi Impianti srl, Pastor Inženjering D.D., DuPont De Nemours International Sarl and others.

As a rule foreign companies who want to enter the Russian market first need to get special certificates for their equipment and services. Our specialists can adapt any foreign design project to Russian standards, help with inspection and expertise. We have all needed certificates for assembly, maintenance and service of fire safety devices. Furthermore we can help foreign companies to promote their equipment in the Russian market.