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CO2 fire extinguishing systems

These systems use carbon dioxide (CO2) in its liquid state as its extinguishing agent, stored in cylinders at a pressure of approximately 55 bar and at 15°C and are the preferred choice as an extinguishant for a multitude of critical facilities and have a long term history of use.

The CO2 cylinder with valve assembly (module) is factory filled with carbon dioxide. CO2 is normally colourless, odourless and during distribution takes on the appearance of white vapour; it is non corrosive; it does not damage materials in any way and it does not wet. The module can be actuated electrically, pneumatically, and/or manually with approved actuation components.

Valve is equipped with digital measuring system — the electronic contents control system for CO2. The modules are shipped with protective shipping caps. Approximate weight with CO2 is 170 kg. Temperature range is: – 10°C up to + 50°С. One‐row or two‐row batteries are available. From 2 up to 10 cylinders (modules) in each one‐row batteries can be manifolded to obtain required quantity of carbon dioxide for total flooding or local application.