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PROLINE “TH” Digital linear temperature sensing cable is manufactured as 2 tensioned tin plated copper coated steel conductors — twisted together to form a spring like pressure between them — softens, allowing the signaling conductors to move into contact with each other, producing an alarm signal.

Around each conductor is extruded temperature sensitive material which softens at its pre‐determined temperature. At that temperature, the conductors come together to produce the required alarm signal.

In the event of mechanical damage at temperatures below its alarm threshold the conductors extrusion is maintained resulting in an open circuit fault signal.Proline sensor cables are suitable for continued use within dirty, dusty, damp environments, areas of limited access and surveillance.

As a combined cable and detector the sensor cable can be installed close to the risk or at ceiling or roof height. Proline linear detection equipment all — UK manufactured, stocked, picked, packed and shipped.